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Welcome to my blog I am very happy to see you here! Enjoy and always remember to smile and be positive.


This blog is a special place where I tell you about the photos I take, these photos made me smile and hopefully whenever you see them they make you smile as well and make your day a little brighter! Also I am currently getting back my hair to its natural curls after heat damage so I want to share the tips and tricks I learn on the way! I will also have little conversation and tell you about stuff that interest me or what been going on in my life!

My Goal for this Blog!

I started this blog just for a place to upload photos that warmed my heart and made me smile... Then I started added more things I was passionate about which is natural hair! These past few months where amazing to see the different countries that viewed. Then when someone comments it makes me so happy, makes me feel that they are really people out there! I want this blog to grow and be a safe place for anyone... To look, at photos or even to just vent and also relate to one another... I want you all to come and join the family and let’s face the future together, learning and growing together! I want to document my life on this blog so that I can look back and see how far I have come in the future! I also want you on this ride so that the journey is hundred times more worth it!

I hope, I travel all over the world and take a beautiful, amazing, timeless photo that makes you see the beauty of the world. If this is to happen someday I hope I can re-read this in the future along with you all and see how far we have come someday! Till that day comes always stay true to yourself. 

In my list of goals, I want to buy a good phone or camera soon. I am currently saving up to buy one. If you have seen my photos before you would know it was all taken by a Samsung young galaxy. So that is one thing for sure I want to get soon. 

Let me guide you through the blog.... have fun!

Guide to the blog!

Home- Here you would see everything that exist blog!

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Beautyof Photography- My passion for seeing the beauty in all things comes alive here! Looking
                                     for pictures that makes your heart smile as much as it makes mine do! Well take a look at them!

Lifestyle – Here is just to chat about anything and everything. Most of the labels would be found on this page!

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AboutMe- Get to know me a little better!

ContactMe- Contact me anytime you feel like and I will reply to you as soon as possible!

Disclaimers- Everything written or photograph here is my own if not it would be noted!!

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