Saturday, September 16, 2017


So I have been using these product for a while now and I am honestly in love!!! I been trying to see what my curls like. Basically this little post is to tell you about a post I got tagged in!!!!




#Lottabody tag me!!! ME 

Well they took one of my post that I tag them on and placed it on they page... I was so excited! 
Honestly after a day or two and currently my profile do not have access to the page. It is like I am blocked from it!! Yes I emailed them about it and they said I was not blocked. 

But If I go through my profile to find them I always see no post!! But if I log off and search their profile I find it!! CONFUSED!!!
Go like the picture!!! 
Try out they products!!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Year 2 Of University!!

     I entered University with a guy I thought would forever be my guy. Then as the months went by how relationship fell apart. To be honest. I never expected it ever end. I never thought I would of marry anyone but him.

This break up, broke me in a way. I could never put in words. Well it was my first relationship and it was over 2 years and we were friends 2 year prior to that. I do not see myself in any relationship no time soon. I feel like I need a couple years to process..

More important news! I started my second year of university.. My goal is to get a 4.0!!!!!
I am doing my Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry and Biology. Guys keep me in your prayers.

The goal is work ridiculously hard for that 4.0 this semester!!!

I wish you all best in the new school semester. I hope you are not just fine, but that you are a sunny day at the beach!!!

I really want to make this blog a main part of my life!! So any suggestions????