The Bachelorette Season13 - Rachel Lindsay

This was the first Bachelorette I ever watched; well at least from begin to end. I had four favourites. In no particular order: Alex Bordyukov, Dean Unglert, Peter Kraus, and Bryan Abasolo.

I truly like Rachel; she is role model to a lot of young girls. She is an amazing person. I will take this time to congratulate her and her nice soon to be husband. I wish you both an amazing, long happy life together.

The last four were Dean Unglert, Peter Karus, Bryan Abasolo and Eric Bigger
Dean and Rachel
Dean Unglert
 The men listed above, she when to their home towns. Surprising the most difficult one was Dean Unglert. He had family drama and let’s face it everyone has family drama. So if that had anything to do with her decision I would not call that being fair. To be honest if Dean feeling were so true why did he go on Bachelor Paradise? Not to say anything bad about him. He is wonderful, He absolutely gorgeous. I really hope he finds the love he deserves and he live is life to the fullest!! He is so young! Boy, it's not time for you to settle down. See what is out there and choose wisely!

SO Dean left!

That left Eric, Peter and Bryan.
Eric and Rachel
Eric Bigger

So Eric, I think he found part of himself in this journey a part that he never knew could exist in such a short time. He realised he can open his heart to love. He realised that he could let someone in and allow them to help him. He is a good man. I wish him the best! Hey the beard looking good!! #revengebeard #Newman!

So time to send home one of the three incredible men!! So her game plan is to get engage in the end. I think I understand Peter. I think her mom really appreciated the fact that he would not just propose because he was told he has to. He wanted to build with her first. So thinking that she wanted a ring at the end you will think sexy Peter was sadly going home. Not the guy would say he was falling in love with her.

So Eric Left!

That left Peter and Bryan.

What I thought was strange and maybe why everyone question the decision of the last rose! She was speaking directly to Peter! She wanted a Husband not a friend/ boyfriend!! My thing is you know he was not going to propose but you never sent him home!!!

See the finally maybe me think! If I was in her position (I was not! Amen) I would of gone Peter! To be fair I wanted him to run after her! Kiss her and tell her I want you. I want to be with you. A piece of paper does not mean my comment to you! I want marriage but that will come soon just not tomorrow.

Okay let’s stop talking about sexy Peter and move on to Bryan.

So as the episode played on, I was all for Bryan. He never got involved in the drama and he made her his first property. But it starts to go a little downhill when he visited her family. They loved Eric and Peter. So why were her family so reluctant with Bryan??
I wonder if they accept him or at least got to know him a little. After all he is going to maybe their son in law???

Fast forward to the last day of the show! The day we found out who she was engaged to.

So we met all three guys! All three guys and everyone else in the world saw what happen on television for the first time since it happened in real life. So all the raw emotions of what happened instantly became real again!  My boy Peter cried again!!!

Eric came out!!! Being a complete gentleman and say the sweetest thing could of possible say. This shows his true character and how much of an amazing person he is.
Peter and Rachel
Peter Kraus
So Peter!! Peter brought in the tense. The passion that they both shared with was thrown through the window came flying back in. I personally think she wanted to be with Peter! She spoke directly to peter and said she wanted a husband at the end. So that to be is saying!! Get your personal issues figured out soon because I want you in the end!

I think what he said about the mediocre marriage is right! Hear me out! You were on a date with Bryan and all you can think about is what Peter said! You spoke directly to Peter in the rose ceremony! If you fully wanted Bryan you know he was the end game! Peter should have been sent home long ago!! Because he said to you very clearly I am not proposing!! What does she want a husband! So why not send home Peter if a marriage is not what he wants in a few days/ weeks!!! 

I think Bryan won by default!! Man of her dream! Who she wanted! Did not want what she want she wanted. Instead of being with him and seeing how amazing their life would be. She chose the ring! She knew that Bryan would propose!! That was not unclear! He made it clear. He is going to propose! 

If some much of people can see the tension between Peter and her! 

Of even I how have never met them!!! I wonder what Bryan mom thinks!! The only thing I see splitting them up is Bryan mom saying! You were not the main man in her life. She wanted the other guy not you baby boy!

I think Peter should have won! I honestly agree with his concerns of the marriage part!! I would want to just marry someone who has been dating 15 men while I was around! Let’s date! Let’s see home dating one guy is. Dating just him and have a million dates and let him propose the way he wants to not just propose because he was told on that day he had to. 

The soon to married couple! I wish you the best! I hope you have everything you ever wanted!!
Mr and Mrs Abasolo
 So Bryan got the first rose and the last rose!🌹

OOOOh I know this late! And I had my thoughts all jumble up! But honestly that’s how I felt! 

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