Thursday, August 3, 2017

My story. Some of it!

Hey, I'm Lenora Cilene Williams. I am nineteen years old.  I am a university student. My life is basically boring. This is me!

I started the challenge because my blog seems boring. Well when their is no feedback, so you tend to think it boring and no one reads it. Even though you see the stats. It's a little bit of people but to me you all are important. I do not know you but would love too. Comment on this post or email me.. send me a DM.

I haven't been sleeping lately. I wake all night and fall asleep when the sunrises. It's because August is a hard month for me. It's hard because I lost my grandmother in December and the 22nd of August is her birthday.

If you read my boring blog. You will know that my birthday is 23rd of August. This month makes it real for me. It makes it real in my mind that she no longer here. I do not have anyone to say "our birthday is a few days away! What we doing?"

I cried myself to sleep since December. It feels like my heart got shattered so badly. That my lungs forgot how to work and I can't breathe. I miss her. I can't calculate how many hours I lied in my bed waiting for the ⛅ sun.

When I was a baby till she died. She took care of me. I slept in her bed. I have never slept in a bed with anyone besides her. Now I sleep sometimes in the middle.. sometimes cross ways. I basically fall asleep around four a.m maybe. Then at eight I wake up and watch my phone then go back to sleep.

I am sorry I didn't finish the challenge. August is just hurting my heart in a way it has never been hurt before. I am deeply sorry.

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