Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What Are You Afraid Of!

31 Day Blog Challenge-Day 4

I know when I was small. I was afraid of something really weird! Do not laugh at me!! (LOL) I would go in the pool. Yeah! It is a pool so of course I am going in. but not for too long. I use to think that sharks would come through the vents. I think I saw it in a cartoon and after that I always thought that sharks could get into a pool. I am afraid of loving someone! My last relationship I was pretty much head or heels! Like I know he was the guy I wanted to marry. I will always love him because he my first boyfriend, but our relationship was a bit toxic. I think! So I guess we are better off apart than together. 

In all honestly! I am afraid of falling in love because I know one day they are going to die and it would break me into a billion pieces! So I am afraid of loving a man that I have not met yet! I have no idea who I am going to marry or when I am going to meet him. 

I am afraid of the future because I do not know what career I may get into! I know I love hair care and lifestyle stuff! I know I would love to create my own hair care life and lifestyle products someday. I also know I want to help kids around the world. I also know I want to be there for my kids if I ever find a human to marry and have kids with!!! LOL. 

I guess want to know where my journey is going to take me!

I am scared of losing my parents. I am only child so I know I would have sibling to have support from! So the idea of losing them, scary me to bits and pieces!
I wonder if I would ever move out of my country. And If I ever do I know I would be scared of the transition of one culture to the next. A lot of my family live in the states, hopefully someday maybe next couple years I be visiting Florida!!! 

Email me or comment below what are your scared of?????

Enjoy your day loves!!