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Have you ever wondered what your soulmate looks like? Like how is the person you going to marry looks like.
The texture of his hair.
The colour of his hair, his eyes.
 How tall he is going to be?
What is his style?

Like I have been wondering who is he? When well we meet? How well we fall in love?
Where is living at the moment?
Is he in a relationship at the moment, hopefully not being a bad boyfriend. Weird thing is, if he is in a relationship he might get his heart broken because he is meant to be with me! Love I am soo sorryy for your heart breaks along the way of meeting me.

I really want the person I marry to be able to dance. Like slow dance! Like I will love that so much!!!!
I know if you have been reading my blog for a while you know I have been a lot anti relationships or soulmates. I guess it is because I am afraid of losing the person even though I do not even know who they are yet!!!

Love is the ultimate risk we take in life. I think! And me being all anti relationship would not be right. I have to see where love takes me!! Through the good days and the bad ones. No! I am definitely not ready for a relationship but I do not want my "cold" heart to get anymore colder.

Tell me in the comments what you think your soulmates might be like!

Disclaimer: I know it is not only about looks! I am the type of girl that goes for a good personality but the guy have to be good to look at also. But wants he have amazing conversation I will totally give him a change. 

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