Saturday, July 29, 2017

Your pet hates!

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 6&7    I really found this hard to blog because a few months ago my dog died! I had her since I was nine years old. My teacher at that time gave her to me because her dogs made babies. I was over the moon filled with joy when my teacher bought her to school for me. Then my friend and I got into her car and my teacher drove to my grandmother's house which was about 15 minutes away to drop the puppy of.

    My puppy name was Princess. She was white and brown in colour. She was the best friend I ever had. She was truely the most amazing gift anyone have ever given me! She sadly died of cancer. All I would say is rest in peace. I love you. I will always love you.

Sorry for being boring!

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

10 Songs You Love Now

31 Day Blog Challenge-Day 5

I love music... Songs from the 80's, I guess because that the kind of music that my parents played when I was a child. The challenge today is to talk about the 10 song you love now. I guess everyone at the moment loves Despacito so I will put that as my first song!!

Music to me is like an escape for a few minute. When you are okay your hear the beats and the words is only when you are going through a rough path you understand the lyrics.

Here is a list of the 10 songs I love now (Click on the songs below to listen to the song.):

1. Luis Fonsi- Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee  

2. Jessie Ware- Say You Love Me 

3. Ed Sheeran- Perfect  

4. MAJOR- Why I Love You 

5. John Legend- Love Me Now 

6. Kat Dahlia - I Think I'm In Love 

7. Jonas Blue- Perfect Stranger ft. JP Cooper  

8. Julia Michaels- Issues 

9. Harry Styles- Sign of the Times  

10. Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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Hey Guys!!!

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What Are You Afraid Of!

31 Day Blog Challenge-Day 4

I know when I was small. I was afraid of something really weird! Do not laugh at me!! (LOL) I would go in the pool. Yeah! It is a pool so of course I am going in. but not for too long. I use to think that sharks would come through the vents. I think I saw it in a cartoon and after that I always thought that sharks could get into a pool. I am afraid of loving someone! My last relationship I was pretty much head or heels! Like I know he was the guy I wanted to marry. I will always love him because he my first boyfriend, but our relationship was a bit toxic. I think! So I guess we are better off apart than together. 

In all honestly! I am afraid of falling in love because I know one day they are going to die and it would break me into a billion pieces! So I am afraid of loving a man that I have not met yet! I have no idea who I am going to marry or when I am going to meet him. 

I am afraid of the future because I do not know what career I may get into! I know I love hair care and lifestyle stuff! I know I would love to create my own hair care life and lifestyle products someday. I also know I want to help kids around the world. I also know I want to be there for my kids if I ever find a human to marry and have kids with!!! LOL. 

I guess want to know where my journey is going to take me!

I am scared of losing my parents. I am only child so I know I would have sibling to have support from! So the idea of losing them, scary me to bits and pieces!
I wonder if I would ever move out of my country. And If I ever do I know I would be scared of the transition of one culture to the next. A lot of my family live in the states, hopefully someday maybe next couple years I be visiting Florida!!! 

Email me or comment below what are your scared of?????

Enjoy your day loves!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Have you ever wondered what your soulmate looks like? Like how is the person you going to marry looks like.
The texture of his hair.
The colour of his hair, his eyes.
 How tall he is going to be?
What is his style?

Like I have been wondering who is he? When well we meet? How well we fall in love?
Where is living at the moment?
Is he in a relationship at the moment, hopefully not being a bad boyfriend. Weird thing is, if he is in a relationship he might get his heart broken because he is meant to be with me! Love I am soo sorryy for your heart breaks along the way of meeting me.

I really want the person I marry to be able to dance. Like slow dance! Like I will love that so much!!!!
I know if you have been reading my blog for a while you know I have been a lot anti relationships or soulmates. I guess it is because I am afraid of losing the person even though I do not even know who they are yet!!!

Love is the ultimate risk we take in life. I think! And me being all anti relationship would not be right. I have to see where love takes me!! Through the good days and the bad ones. No! I am definitely not ready for a relationship but I do not want my "cold" heart to get anymore colder.

Tell me in the comments what you think your soulmates might be like!

Disclaimer: I know it is not only about looks! I am the type of girl that goes for a good personality but the guy have to be good to look at also. But wants he have amazing conversation I will totally give him a change. 

Your Favourite Quote!

31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 3

I am one those persons who love to go on Pinterest and look at quotes!! Like my what's app stories is always some love quote. I love the idea of love. I am just afraid of fall again! I have to pick a quote from the top of mind right now it would be: " She believed she could so she did" Being a university student and going through all the heart break I went through with the ending of my relationship and the passing of my grandmother. I used that quote to get through the semester. 

I guess this one is a short one! I really hope you all came back from day 1. I am so happy to have readers like you! You all are from all over the world. I warms my heart to see the different countries. Thank you so much for the support. 💕

Monday, July 24, 2017

20 Facts About Me

 31 Day Challenges- Day 2 University Student – Double major in Biochemistry and Biology
2. Birthday is 23rd of August
3. I am 19 years old
4. First kiss when I was 17 years old. (I have only kissed one person in my life)
5. First relationship when I was 17 years. It lasted 2 years and a few months.
6. I am a single pringle, clearly!! Too scare to love someone new as much as I loved him.
7. My favourite colour is blue!
8. I’m a Virgo
9. I am really short! I am 5 foot.
10. Only begin in love once!
11. I do not have siblings. I always wanted a baby brother.
12. I am from the Caribbean.
13. I live in Trinidad.
14. My hair is curly! So I am a curly girl.
15. I am part Indian and African.
16. My favourite social Medias are YouTube and Instagram
17. I love photography!! Check out my Instagram for my photos.
18. My favourite ice cream is cookies and cream!!! But I love ice cream in general!!
19. In my family I am the fourth cousin on both sides!
20. I am an old soul. I love how romantic everything was in the past. I love music from the 80’s.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Introduction and recent photo

31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 1

Hi everyone! 

I decided to do a 31 Day Blog Challenge. Therefore, everyday a new blog post would be up so comeback every day to see what the new topic I will be talking about next.  If you have been here for a while you know that I have not post frequently. While because I have been busy with school and exams. 

I want to make my blog a fun place to come and read. I hope this blog is a place where you can escape for a short while. 

In this challenge I have to post my most recent picture. So I choose the last picture I took on Snapchat! (LOL)

I took this picture at my uncle’s house and it was the last day I spent with my family from Florida till they went back house the next day. 


Snapchat- lenoriee 

Instagram- _lenoraaa

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The thin line between life and death!
  I am honestly scared of loving someone again. I know when I fall I fall hard! Now more than ever after over-thinking and seeing how someone I know life as gone thus far scares me! My aunt fell in love and got married to a man she thought was her “End game” basically her forever.  They had two kids and then her life turned upside down. He cheated on her!!

        Since I have known her she does not really show her emotions, which is similar to how I am. That experience differently changed her. If anything it made her stronger and more ambitious. They got divorce and she moved back to her family home. 

        So how her love life got a spark! A true genuine, spark! The first man that entered her life after her life turned upside down! You saw the change in her life and how happier she became. This was over a decade ago, until a few days ago she got the worst call in her life. He died! 

        This new had me thinking! Like I did not reply to messages or go on social media for a day. I wonder, “What is the point of searching for a person to love?”  When in all honesty we all die one day! And we do not even know when that day is? Why do we search for something that the time span we have with that person is unknown? 

You do not know that when you tell them you love them it would the last time. 

Or when they tell you I love you would be last time you hear those words from them. 

You do not know if your last kiss was your actual last kiss.

If they goodbye! Means goodbye! 

      It breaks my heart that I will one day have to say good bye to a man I love and never hear is voice

or see him ever again! I will just have the memories we build and the life we made for our kids and ourselves. Why does make me cry when I have not even met him as yet???

This had me overthinking so much! Why get your heart broken over and over again just to find the person you are meant to be with. Then they died and your heart is shattered into a million pieces! But I guess that is the risk we take! Love is the ultimate risk. You give someone your heart but it is up to them to either protect it or break it.

I was thinking about the relationships I have seen evolved this year! The relationships in which you know what and why they together and even though you know they just faking it so the other person be happy. That scary me!!! Like if a person I with said the reason he is with me and it are the reasons I hear people being in a relationship now a days. I will totally be gutted!!!

    Like people spend so much time with the wrong person and in the end when they find the person who loves them for who they are. The time with the right person is way shorter! It is like when you realised that Is not who you meant to be with! Leave, explain why it cannot work! Than waste their time and your time!! You are wasting their time because they think you are on the same page as them.
My thoughts are so all over the place!! I am totally scared of love!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Life!! Confusing Life.

    We all walk through life with a map lets be honest. It is Pre-school, Primary School, Secondary School and University. Then get a job/Career. Then get married. Then have kids. Grow old etc.
No one have the in between steps. Like how or when you are going to met the man of your dreams. What if you already met him but you are friends with him! What if it was the guy you said no to.

      I was chatting with my friend and I see him a lot. I little to much but we are close. Even though deny it. We were talking about how ex's should not be not be friends or cannot be friends. I only have one ex and he someone I cannot see my life without but I do not want to be close to at the moment because whenever I see him. Everything that happened and that caused us to break up comes back to me and I feel the pain again.

      The friend I was chatting with, we had feelings for each other but I never wanted it to be more than friendship. We had a well deep conversation in person and I told him whatever we had was not real and the look on his face made me feel so bad. I knew I was lying but at the same time how come I continue being your friend and knowing you wanted to be with me.

     Back to the more recent conversation. After he said ex's should not be friends I told him persons who had feeling for each other should not be friends either. Why are boys so slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Like I was stating that we should not be friends anymore and I bet he did not catch it!!

     Do not get me wrong. We have one those amazing friendships that we can sit and talk for hours and not get bored of each other. But I do not think I could be friends with him and care as much as I do for him when he has a girlfriend. Let me be honest it kind of my fault he went into that relationship I feel like I pushed him into it. But at the same time you cannot be coming by me every morning and when something is wrong talking to me about it for me to fix it.

     I care about him and always will. But I think it is time for this friendship to be over!! I will only be able to update you about this topic in September. Till then I am going back and forth in my mind questioning why we should end our friendship and how to end it.

      Till September. We are the friends that we be pissed off at every other, would not say a word to one another till he caves and come talk to me. We so weird. And let's be honest I could come back here and talk to hm and end up staying friends but I really think it would be best for us to go our separate ways.

Lets see what he thinks, He will be so annoyed lol I really do not know.