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Fort George in Trinidad

It amazing to see the beauty of Trinidad. Even though our beauty island has its dark past due to slavery. Our past shows that we can handle anything that comes our way because we overcame that horrific past.

      First time going to see the cannons used in the past and the area where there held the slaves when they first arrived to the shores of Trinidad. Thinking of how their felt and how sad they were when their arrived. Their must of missed their family and home so much.

      Walking around the place I took some photos to remember the day I had and the view I saw.

      More of the images I took are on my Instagram- @_lenoraaa

    For these photos I used new software named Vectr. The company stated that the site : “it’s a free and very simple vector graphics editor for web and desktop. Vectr has a very low learning curve and is super intuitive to use." 

    Everything they stated in very true about this site. I would be using this site and the other sites I use on my …

End Of an Era.

When I think about this one person, I think about our past and how different it is now between us. He was the first guy I ever had a crush on in high school but when I got over it, he entered my life and we became friends. He said the first time he spoke to me; I had the meanest facial expression. I was like really. I told him I was thinking ooh this boy has nice hair but why you speaking to me.
_ I think he has a way of entering my life over and over soon as I am completely over him_ Like I feel the sparks_ Thankfully I do not feel no more sparks_ Someone above throw some water on those sparks.
   The fact that he remembers those little details makes me wonder at times. Honestly, because those things happen four or five years ago. I sat down thinking why did I look at him in a mean way the first time he approached me. As I thought about it, I remembered. It is because I finally got over him and did not feel anything for him and then he decided to enter my life to mess with it.

Happy Mother's day!!

So day is mother's day! Around the world for the most part, I know that England already celebrated Mother's day. Happy Mother's day to all the new moms and the moms who been moms for ages!

   This would be the first Mother's days without my grandmother. I know their are so many people who moms or grandmother has past one. I know that part of you is feeling empty today, but remember no matter what they are always in your heart and always looking after you.

   So I hope for the most part I hope you all are having a good day and your moms or nan or grandmother or nonie is on mind.


Confused and Not sure if it is anything!

I will always feel someway about him, I would not deny it. I think we have a connection that is rare  in a place like this. I wish I could be plain and just tell him, how I felt but it to complicated and I do not think it even right at this point. Because I know, well I think it would never work out and we have always been friends. I think I just care. I know I care and that is about it.

I rest back against his side and I could of feel him breathing, then out breathing sync. It was so strange yet so imperfectly perfect. I got up and he chuckled making me think he realized that it happened, but I really do not think he did.

So we were talking about the fact that there are some people in your life that would  come and go. So with my mean self, I stated that I waiting to see when I become on those persons, when will we finally drift apart. He was like no! you are not going to be on those persons. Sometimes, I feel he know want he wanted and now we are so neutral that we could never be a…