Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Broken inside

Nothing hurts more than losing your bestfriend after the relationship is over! It breaks my heart so much that after five years of friendship and being together for two years and few months it came crushing down! I will never regret being with him nor wish that we ever met. because apart of me will always love him. Writing this has me in tears! I never cried this much in my life!!!

I know... I am building up walls and shutting people out. but its because i do not want them see how broken i truly am inside!!! It hurts seeing him and not being able to talk to him.... I hurts when you have no one to text in the night or even to tell good morning to....

I am truly broken!!! Like.. it is like my heart pains so much it cries before it beats... I really hope no one who reads this has their heart broken. If you do! I know your pain....... It pains more because he was my first boyfriend and I always thought he was going to be the last...

But I truly want my friendship back. But I do not want him think that.. that is a sign of getting back together.. I honestly want him to move on and be happy... I hope that someone makes him happy... Even though I know when that day comes it is going to kill me and scatter my heart over and over..

but i do wish him the best in life and hope he finds what makes him happy.

I really do not want to re-read this for errors! so sorry if it makes no sense,...

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Its been a while

I really want to start a YouTube channel!! But I am so afraid!!! :( It really scary!! It you are a youtuber and want to help me out!! Well with what software you use to edit!! Etc!!

My love people would you follow me on YouTube if I decide to start!!! Comment below!!! And What should I do as a first video!! Comment below!!

Also I join Instagram... so follow me https://www.instagram.com/lenoriee/

Thank you! (: 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hii loves

Hi loves!!! I been in a funk for the longest while!! I just feel as though I have been falling apart slowly!!! My heart is just so broken!! It make take years to repair!! Well I just wanted to see how you all are doing!! And to say sorry for not posting!! I also joined Instagram so I guess  you can follow me over there!! https://www.instagram.com/lenoriee/
So follow me!!
Enjoy  your day!! If you livee in Trinidad Enjoy the rain!!! :D