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Broken Up after two years! And four years of friendship!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry but I am really sad and needed to vent it out here!!!! Sorry hope you have an amazing day!!

I have always made my relationship look prefect from the outside! I never vented about the bad stuff that happened!! We met when I was 14 turning 15... We got together when I was 17years!! We are the same age!! This was my first relationship! The same argument we had in the begin or the relationship is what came back and what ended the relationship!!! I would never say it was his fault or my fault!! I would always love him.

We changed!! He is not the same boy I liked two years and I know I have changed.  I don’t want to stop being friends with someone just to make my relationship work!! Like I am Ms.MAKEITWORK!!!!!!!!!!! I went through hell and back and didn’t vent to anyeone!! I just wanted it to work!! I guess because everyone wanted it to work!!!

But I must say!! I am going to find myself and get back to being myself!!! I don’t want to change for someone to make the …

Hurricane Matthew!!!!!!!!!

Hi Guys!! So let’s talk about Hurricane Matthew!! My heart goes out for everyone that Hurricane Matthew visited!!! I have heard about all the losses and house destruction!! It is really sad and I want to say sorry and rest in peace for everyone who didn’t make it!!! And all my love to the families who are facing the world of problems at the moment!! I hope everyone who survived is safe and have food and water and a place to sleep!!
Early this morning I got a text from my phone network which is Digicel that I can text a certain number to send money to Haiti!! Each time you text it donates 5TT dollars, all proceeds go to Haiti Relief Fund!!!
If you are reading this and you live in Trinidad and you have a Digicel phone!! Please text Help to 5151. I have texted twice thus far so I have donated 10TT dollars so far... Please donate and keep Haiti and everyone else who was affected by hurricane Matthew in your prayers.

Now research this!! If you don't live in my country and w…

A short story and a lovely picture just for you!!!

I realised I loved you. I realised you were the first person I ever loved. The circumstances back then drew us closer and further apart at the same time....Now our ships has cross paths once more and it has electrified my memories of us. Well what we once were... I see you and my heart fumbles and tumbles but they are no exchange of words between us.

Our ships may have arrived at the same place but our friendship never did. It died while we where apart. Now we move like strangers walking past each other. But at least I know our love at that time was not a lie. But maybe in anytime or universe our love that we once shared may be greater and lead us together.

I realised as I write this. That, this is my goodbye letter to you. Goodbye to my first love.... as your ship leaves the harbour and disappeared into the fog and Wide Ocean. All our conversation... the words that mean so much to me... all the time we spent together... replayed in my mind and are filed and locked awa…

Welcome to October!!!


Quotes of the day- "You only fail when you stop trying!!"
HI gorgeous people!!! I know this maybe the most boring blog you ever read!! Sorry....Hopefully someone out of the 5 people who maybe read my blog!!! I hope someone enjoys my blog!!! Guys I have hair tips!! Like I don’t know when I am going to post them but if you want them!! Just comment below!!

So it is Sunday and I hope everyone had an amazing day!!!! I had an amazing Sunday lunch!! At 2pm.. lol It was really delicious and I am still full.... The picture below is what I ate!! If you’re brave enough, which I know you are tell me what you had for lunch or having for dinner!!

So I fell in love with someone! LOL It’s a YouTuber!! Not in love.... in love!!!! He is new at Youtube only about 2000 subscribers!! So go show him some love and subscribe!!! Girl is smile!!! It is the smile that got me hook!!! He is gorgeous!!! Lol...His name is Daniel Casas!!!!

If you’re a company and what me talk about your …