Still having Hope!!!


Let’s start off with a quote!!

“A single thread of hope is still a very powerful thing.”

So back to my university application!! Girl! They change their system and of all the people in the world my file got left behind!! Hence why I never got a response of what my class are going to be!! Which I am being totally chill about!!! It was a system error! Now the dean of my faculty has to go through my documents and decide what classes I am going into!!! God I know I am going to university.... I know that I am going to get through!!! I really want the dean to get my business organised with quickly!! Cause school starts really soon!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine I have not started yet and the dean already has to know all my information that is scary!!!!!!! Well I am still having faith!!! Yes girl!!!!!!!!!! I want to get a call by tomorrow! To know what is going on. Because I have to go other stuff to officialise meaning!! Like get stuff approved... pay stuff... books... get my school ID!!! So by the grace of God I hope everything works out fast and smoothly!!
I must say I happy their realised the problem and it was totally out of my control at the time! But I hope because of the error they help me. I hope everything going good! I am staying positive!! I am going to university! I know I am! Staying positive!!

So to change the topic... If you are familiar with my blog then you would have realised I really like doing some Facebook test/quiz stuff!!! One because I am totally bored! Lol

The question was “What was your only mistake?”

So they said my only mistake was that.” I gave my heart to somebody who didn’t want it.” I totally do not agree with that! Because I'm really wise with my heart! In term of relationships! I had been in one relationship and still am in that relationship! We started off as friends. We know each other for about four years now! But I kind of understand what it may be saying! In terms of friends! Yes I truly guard my heart there because people can burn you!! Like one minute your perfect friends then few years pass and you are not friends anymore!! I been only open to only one of friends, who I truly trust! Like we have this spoken bond that if you need me, I am there for you.... vice verse! But due to a certain incident we are not as close as before but I still believe the bond is there! But I honestly do not want to have another friend like that! I do not want to replace it!! So yeah my heart was in that friendship and now I do not fancy having close friendships!!! Like I have friends but I am not going to sit down and vent all my problems to you!! If you know what I mean!!! Well besides this blog clearly!!!!!!!!!! LOL

In the end of the test they give you a summery/meaning!! I really loved what they said!! “You’ve only committed a single mistake in your entire life. But instead of feeling bad about yourself, it has made you even stronger! Your wisdom and charism has grown ever since. It seems like you’re unstoppable!”

After being in a friendship where the person completely understood you! And you understood them and that's what happened to the friendship!! You definitely grow and get wiser on whom to trust!! Or maybe I am just afraid! Who knows?

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