New! Remember you're Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!


HI my loves!

So in my last post I accidentally said it been two weeks of schools!! Nopes today was the end of Week four! I had an exam today!!! It was okay... I was really sick... Not well at all. But I am okay for now!!! So after school I was walking to go met my dad!!! This is where my horrible day turned into an amazing day!! Yippppppppeeeeeee!!! So I was walking and then this guy! Whom I never met in my life!!! Don’t know what his name is or where is from!!! I basically don’t know who this person is!! He stopped me in the most polite way possible!!!

He said “Hi, Random Compliment You’re cute!”

ME: aww thank you...

Then we walked away!! I may never meet him again and he may never read this!! But it was as though God sent him to make my day a little brighter. I walked away from that feeling so happy! I could not stop smiling. Someone that I do not know made my day so much better than people I am around every day. I hope one day he reads this... If you do! Thank you. I will never forget you.
And for the lovely person reading.. You are beautiful always remember that!!! So remember I told you have pictures! Lol going to upload it!! Look below.

These pictures where all taken a few weeks ago!!! I was so amazing to capture that sunset in the first picture!! It looked so beautiful I just had to take out my phone and capture it for you. The picture with the fishes, I went to a restaurant, nothing fancy. I bought the food and came back home!!! Lol The last picture I decided to edit it to make it look better because my Samsung young did not make it look wonderful!

These fishes are so amazing and wonderful!!! They look as though there love the home!! I hope all they family is there and no one is all alone in the tank!!!

 So I edited these differently to say sorry for not posting as often as I did few months ago.

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