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New! Remember you're Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

HI my loves!
So in my last post I accidentally said it been two weeks of schools!! Nopes today was the end of Week four! I had an exam today!!! It was okay... I was really sick... Not well at all. But I am okay for now!!! So after school I was walking to go met my dad!!! This is where my horrible day turned into an amazing day!! Yippppppppeeeeeee!!! So I was walking and then this guy! Whom I never met in my life!!! Don’t know what his name is or where is from!!! I basically don’t know who this person is!! He stopped me in the most polite way possible!!!
He said “Hi, Random Compliment You’re cute!”
ME:aww thank you...
Then we walked away!! I may never meet him again and he may never read this!! But it was as though God sent him to make my day a little brighter. I walked away from that feeling so happy! I could not stop smiling. Someone that I do not know made my day so much better than people I am around every day. I hope one day he reads this... If you do! Thank yo…

Sorry for not Posting!

Hi gorgeous people! I know I have not post in a really long time! I started university and it’s been two weeks and I already had assignments and this Friday I have an exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like it is so overwhelming. I really do not know who people have time to party in university and everything else you hear people do at university!! Well if you’re new to my blog I am doing my degree! I am doing a double major in Biochemistry and Biology.  If you have any advice for being a new student at university!! If you are in university I would say, do not get carried away by new people or surrounds! Remember who you are and never stop being who you’re just to be part of something! Stay true to who you really are. Be yourself and you are perfect the way you are... This also goes for anyone in Primary school or High School etc. Oh my, it is funny when my friends sees they ex’s!! Lol to my luck I do not have one!!!!!!!!! But I do have a close friend!! I spoke about that friend befor…

First Week of Uni!!!


It have been a really long time!! So has official started back for me!! I am currently doing my Biochemistry and Biology!!! Yayyy!!!!!!!!! First step into designing my own products!! My first week was so tiring!! One because I reach to school really early!! My dad wakes me up 3:45am!! Which is so not Cool!!!!!!!!!!! I got lost a couple of times!! But it always takes me 10minutes after I get loss to find my location...  Thankfully I have been late to any classes!! “Knock on wood” I already have assignments!! Exams already coming up!!1 The life of a university student!! I really do not know how people go out to lime!!!! I met a lot of my old friends! Sadly we are not in the same classes!! And I am the worst at making new friends so.... No new friends!! SAD lol So how have you been!???!! What is new and interesting in your life????????????? Did you miss my blog post!! NOpes.. Okay! Well enjoy your day!! I have photos I just need to send them to my laptop!! Oh my have you …

Your Happiness is all that matter!!!


-if you’re not happy, stop! Look for what makes you happy!-

If you have ever read any of my blog post before you would know where my passion lies!! I want to work with kids... I want to travel the world and help people!! That what I want to do!!! I want to design products, which is why I want to get into biochemistry!!!! I trust in the Lord, I want biochemistry!! Like I really want to do that!! Nothing else at this point!!

I have the worst headache!!! Every little thing can make me cry at the moment!!! Like seriously I watch so many videos!! I cried a lot!!! Then I saw this well I put my own twist to it!! “You know who will be there for you when you fall.............................. The floor!” It is so true that I am not sure if I should laugh or cry at this point!!  If you confused why I am so sad look at the post before!!9

I also wanted to do a post about Zoella!!
She is so amazing and I am so happy that I am one of her many subscribers on YouTube!! She is someone that I…

When you just can’t no more


So I got into university amen!! But with something I know anything about!! Statistics and Economics!! I did maths and additional mathematics and Pure mathematics!!! I place actuarial sciences but I honestly after thinking it over I never wanted to get in!! I really wishing right now that I get an option to choose biochemistry!! They are no solution or anything towards that!! Please!!! God please let me get into Biochemistry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just want to cry right now!! I don’t know what are Statistics and Economics!!! I want Biochemistry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please someone pray for me!!!!!
I am currently having the worst day! I really do not want to do Statistics and Economics as a degree!!! Please God please hear my cry!!! 


Sorry for not posting!! Wondering if to DELete the blog or not!!


I want to start off with a quote from Me before You, the movie!!! “Push yourself. Don’t Settle. Just live well. Just LIVE!”

I have not been posting because I have been sick for the past few days!!! Like feeling extremely week and just not in the mood and then some days I am little better!! I am feeling really sick typing this! Well I have not posted in a really long while and I felt bad for not posting..... I don't know whether or not you enjoy reading but I still felt bad for not uploading anything!! 
To top it off my school... well the school I want to attend has not email me anything!!! You would think because it was an error due to their system they would put more effort in helping me!!! I really not feeling great and I really wish that they help me already!! Please pray that they contact me that I organise myself for school..... 
Oh about deleting!! I see the views which are really low! I know my blog is not fancy or anything popular but I just feel Blaa…

Still having Hope!!!


Let’s start off with a quote!!
“A single thread of hope is still a very powerful thing.”

So back to my university application!! Girl! They change their system and of all the people in the world my file got left behind!! Hence why I never got a response of what my class are going to be!! Which I am being totally chill about!!! It was a system error! Now the dean of my faculty has to go through my documents and decide what classes I am going into!!! God I know I am going to university.... I know that I am going to get through!!! I really want the dean to get my business organised with quickly!! Cause school starts really soon!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine I have not started yet and the dean already has to know all my information that is scary!!!!!!! Well I am still having faith!!! Yes girl!!!!!!!!!! I want to get a call by tomorrow! To know what is going on. Because I have to go other stuff to officialise meaning!! Like get stuff approved... pay stuff... books... get my school ID!!! So…