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Looking for HOPE


So everything seem to be going wrong in my life! I wrote about in an old post. But I want to change it... the stream of bad luck that was thrown my way!!! It is time to change the pathway!! So tomorrow I am going to know what I going to do in university!! Yes I am throwing it into the universe I am going to university!!! I am going to know what course I am going to take!! Yes Universe!!! Tomorrow is the day to make everything right!!!

So as the day got closer to the end! As it approached night time!! The sunset... Girl that sunset was amazing! The difference in colours as the minutes went back!! I took few steps away from it to get a different view of it.... when I got back to the original spot the colour was totally different. It got more and more beautiful as the time when bye!!!!!

When I look at these pictures I see hope!! I see that God has a plan!! And his plan will be laid out very soon!! I see that my future and your future are bright!!! I am telling you tom…

Independence Day


In Trinidad and Tobago we are celebrating 54 years of Independence!!! My country gained independence from the lovely Great Britain on August 31st, 1962........ So the history said that midnight on 30th August, 1962, the Union Jack (that is the British Flag) was lowered and our beautiful Trinidad and Tobago flag was raised for the first time!!!! Hurray...........

You can say Britain was our mother and it was time for us to leave the nest and be on our own!! So we became independent and stood tall and strong together as people and a nation. Because we were not owned by someone else!!! So it was a proud moment in history for my country!! I was not born lol of course I am nineteen....

I would like to say Happy Independence to Trinidad and Tobago. My beautiful country and people!! Enjoy the fireworks tonight!!!!!

sad days!


You know when everything in your life seems to just not go the way you want it!!! Well it happening to me! Nothing is going as plan and yes I’m scared! But I do not want to talk to anyone about because to me it my problem! LOL but then you may be wondering why you even post this! Well because even though I see the views no one comments so it feel’s fake! It feels as though no one ever reads this... so I guess it easier to write it than call someone and talk to!

I feel like everyone know where they doing next and I the only one stuck and cannot move! By the where my blog is a secret only like to people know it exist!!! So do not worry they would know! Have you ever feel out of place! No one there! But you need someone but they not there anymore! First time in my life I am completely and utterly lost!!!! I was a person that always had a plan! But now I don’t have any...... I have nowhere to go and well of course no money! Because I works nowhere!!! I don’t get paid for blogg…

Why Kids are Important!


As a kid, I was always sick.... to the point where I saw the hospital a lot! Serious I could remember the doctor poking me so many times with a needle to draw blood that I just got angry with him! Well angry inside, I was never a kid to react and throw tantrums... I think my parents were quite thankful for that!

Being at the hospital I saw so many kids and the pain they went through!! But as I grew my hospital visits decreased.... I would only get sick like twice a year and need to be taken to the emergency room but it been a longggg while since I been to the hospital because of begin sick!! Knock on wood!! My baby cousin... well he is like ten now but to me he still a baby... taking into consideration that I taught him how to walk and took care of him! He was over dose or something when he was a baby and he is epileptic! Because of that now and again we always see the inside of a hospital! Thankfully he is well and good now!!

Taking so many trips to visit him …

Have a look at your Personal Quote


Yes I did another Facebook test thing lol! I thought it would have been a nice way to tell you good night! I hope you had an awesome day!  So Sunday is close to an end and the work week is going to begin... Yes! That scary Monday!!! LOL have an amazing week and stay tune for another post tomorrow... it going to be a long one I hope you enjoy it!!!

So before I start if you want to take the test link on the link below!
So this is how it starts up.........
“Pay attention to your thoughts they are the beginning of your actions!”

Then the lower paragraph explains a little more!!

Your life is like a rollercoaster and that’s why you’ve already gain more life experience than most people! You had to face a lot of difficulties and learned early on how to be independent. Your mistakes are the source of your inner strength. For this reason, advice from you is priceless!

Wow it’s scary how true that it is!!!! LO…

It’s Sunday Already!!!

CHITCHATZONE PRODUCT REVIEW Hi Gorgeous people! I really cannot believe its Sunday already!!! I feel like just day before well Tuesday was my birthday and it feels like it was yesterday... I spent time with my bestfriend.... I swear whenever my bestfriend is around everything seems better... It was honestly a good day. So back to this lovely Sunday, it’s sunny one minute and then a few grizzles of rain drops!!!

So I begin trying to re design my blog! But it so difficult! Like seriously I am so hard! I tried... I read... I tried and tried but I have not given up yet! I want to make it a lot more interesting I want the contents to float and clickable, so when you click on it you can read it and comment on it... I want it to be more interactive that just scrolling through and commenting whenever! I want to connect more when you all.... See and know what you think!! So if you have any advice on how to better design the blog please drop a comment below!!!

So one my birthday I got this lip bal…

What is written in your heart


Did another Facebook test thing! If you want to do yours click on this link below...
They say that people don’t cry because they’re weak but because they have to be strong for too long.
This is what mine said!
Your heart has been through a lot. It has been through the highs and lows of life which is why you know the good and bad sides of people. Yet your heart is still strong and beats with the love of the whole world.

This is so true! Everyone has gone through some kind of pain... It can be a loss of a love one or a broken heart something!!! I cannot say I been broken heart because honestly I never had a “ex-boyfriend” Lol but I know what it is to loss someone you love and how it feels to feel empty inside when they are gone.  Whenever we face heart ache we always learn something from it! We do not see the lesson at that point in time but as the time passes we realise why things happen to us! It …

A note about me!


I really wanted to take a photo of the sky today! Which I did but my phone did not do it justice at all! I really needed to get a good camera or something!!! I cannot describe how beautiful it looked! I really hope you saw your sunset today!!! Or If you did not!! Tomorrow promise me that you would go outside and look at the sunset and tell me about it! Please! Tell me about the beauty of your sunset!

So when I am bored I usually stroll through my Facebook new feed! I stumble upon this test thing! It basically tells you something about yourself! It makes your day a little brighter! It is true we are all masterpieces in progress!!!

This is what mines said about me!!
A note about Lenora
She makes broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walks with the universe on her shoulders and makes it look like a pair of wings. She is a whirlwind of crazy chaos, but she is so damn passionate, that she is worth it. She loves life and it loves her right back. She belongs …


Q&A with Lenorie!!!!
This is taken from 32 Random Questions. So answer along and comment your favourite question and answer it below.
Or play along below!!
1.) Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
-My Closet doors are always close! One because I don't really like them. I never got to pick it out so it do not match with my room! But grateful even though I do not really use it. LOL

2.) Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?
-Never spent a night at a hotel, Been to about two for events but never stayed lol. Honestly I like my bed.

3.) Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?
-Out, I guess! I cover but then I feel to warm so I remove it. Then feel to cold lol!!

4.) Have you ever stolen a street sign?
5.) Do you cut out coupons and then never use them? -Thinking if I ever used one! I do not know if we have coupons in Trinidad! Well I guess we do but never used any! To my knowledge!

6.) Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or …

Have you EVER been bullied at School

Have you EVER been bullied at School

I really don’t like when someone gets bullied.... It’s really mean and if you’re a bully you should stop now!! You may be thinking it’s a joke and your friends think you’re cool because you bullied someone...BUT it is not cool and you should never bully anyone or anything!!! So back to the question! When I started high school, which was an all girls’ high school. The meanest girl who everyone was afraid of was not only in my school, she was in my van! Yes in my “School bus” van!!! Everyone was afraid of her and all her friends. I remembered seeing her in a fight right after school in front of my van and naturally of course I was afraid of her!!! So the first month or two I sat at the front of the bus so that I would not have to be close, to maybe annoy her or get on her bad side!
So in my school the older kids... her friends use to tax the younger kids basically my age group!!!! Tax as in bully kids for their money!! They us…

200metres race!!! Olympics!!!

200metres race!!! Olympics!!!

The three persons I was cheering for made the top three!!! Which were Jamaica...Canada...France!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bolt! He truly is the human lightning bolt!! He made my Caribbean Heart PROUD once more!!! Congratulations!!! To all the people who took part!!!
I am very happy that we have people like BOLT to put the Caribbean on the map! We may me small but size would never stop us from chasing our dreams!!! Follow your dreams no matter where you come from and if anyone tell you.. you can't!! Prove them wrong..... 
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO JAMAICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets Just have

Let just have a CHAT!!
So I really love communicating with you all it really makes my day! Through email, twitter or comments! I am basically a person that reads everything...keeps everything anyone gives me. Soo basically I would like to grow my following but I don't want to force anyone to follow! Like I want you all to really want to follow and be part of an amazing community where we chat, share tips, and become a family! If you know what I mean! Like, honestly I really love this. It's my hobby and I just love having something that is mine! I have put work, time and effort into. 
So I know it's really late!! Or maybe really early for some of you but I want to stay thank you for the support! 7000 plus views! Like I never even thought I would get 100!! I know some people would be like that not a big deal you only have 2 followers! LOL but I really appreciate it! 
So thank you and Have an amazing day!! Don't forget I'm always here if you need me!

Let’s have a SUMMER CHAT!!

Let’s have a SUMMER CHAT!!!
So in Trinidad and Tobago we get two months “summer” vacation, which is really awesome and everything. Well you would think because I live in the Caribbean I would be at the beach or river or malls... something outdoors! Nopes! It’s the second month and I have been in the house which feels like forever! I have been in a pool one for the vacation which was a few weeks or less ago and it was one those full up pools and it like knee level!
I have been to Port of Spain, the capital but all I got from that was sun burn. It was fun to walking around the place and seeing the builds and people etc. I also went to a family event but I do not really know them as well because are my grandmother side of the family so I just know her siblings and that is about it!
So while I was in the middle of typing this I specially had an amazingly bad day! What was going good turned into the most horrible day! But thankful I am back home and blasting music to relax my…

Disappointing day

After a Disappointing Day!

Feeling disappointed in myself! Cried and over think and could not sleep! The full breakdown! But then I throw myself into fully working on the blog! I got the “start here” page finish and up. Also you can see all the changes I made... It’s a lot and so much more still needs to be done! I do not know if you like it or not! If you’re brave enough which I know you are, comment below and tell me!
In the beginning, before all that happened above the sun light shun so brightly into my room and it was as like if it wanted to wake me up! The photo I took was through a tinted window! Look at how bright and huge the sun looks!
I guess, I realised to accept not all things would go as you want them to but you have to believe that God has a reason for all things! He might not show us it right a way...but lying down and feeling sorry for myself was not how I am going to deal with the disappointment! I am going to work really hard on this blog …

What I think!

What I think!
In life we get amazing moments! We get a lot something’s we never realise it till it passes and the person leaves! It the moments that replay in your head over and over! It when you wonder what if you choose him or how different life is if you realised soon! It is the moment that makes you giggle inside when it crosses your mind. Then you go down memory lane think all about those moments! The looks.... the smile.... everything... 
But life is not about what ifs! Sure they that someone else but you all made decisions and sometimes it works out and sometimes we find our back to the “what if’s”! Sometimes... You never know. So life the live you choose forget about the “what if's”... Let the path you choose guide you and see it to the finish! They are always exception... If the person you choose treats you unfairly and not how you know your should be treated leave! Which is hard to do than said? I understand.... You build a live and a long time spent building…

It is OKAY to have a bad day!

It is OKAY to have a bad day!

I want to start this post with a comment my only internet friend who comments on my blog! “Every sunset is a gift of sunrise to someone else.”
Everyone, some point or another has a bad day or two... Yes we all have them but some of us can fake it till we make it.... and well some just lets it make out day sourer than it needs to be! I am that friend that everyone calls or text when something is wrong! Thing is they want me to solve it! Which I completely understand but some battles we have to face on our own and make the decisions by ourselves. Yes, we all have that one friend we think can fix any situation....
But sometimes before you make that call or text that friend... think about why that situation pushed your buttons!! Like why that person or the situation did affected you so much! Like yeah I know some people are a bit too much to handle! I like do not like when someone "nags" bothers me! Like ask me once and I would do…