Saturday, July 30, 2016

Live Your Life

Live Your Life

They maybe three types of people in world... The people, that wakes up early to see the sunrise. The people that watches the sunsets... And the people who never saw neither but by choice because do not find it amazing.

I think what amazes me about the sun is that, I know even though it goes in the night it comes back to see me in the morning! It's like hope! A simple gift that says you made to another day! Another day to make a difference and do something positive! When you live in the Caribbean like I do you always see the sun! 

With the history the Caribbean had... The struggled people faced long ago! The one thing that maybe gave them hope and what they knew always had they back! Was the sun! It may leave us but it always comes back...

When you were born, you can be considered as a sunrise! The thing is... we live life to its fullest and try to make a legacy for ourselves and to make a better future for the family after us! My point is, we never know when it's time for our sunset! We may know when the sun’s it ready to leave but we never know when we are going to! So live your life! Do what makes you happy in life! After all it is your life! 

I may ask you one little request! Look at the sun tomorrow or whenever you see it! Then look at the time! You know when the sun's time is up and he is going to set! But think about what have you done for the day! Because it is not your time to set! So have a conversation and make someone smile!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Far from the Madding crowd!

Far from the Madding crowd!


I really do not know how to gather my thoughts! Like really! This movie! 
In the beginning I was all for the strong, independent woman vibe. She did not want to be a man's property... Completely understandable and I agree with her!!! 

But girl! Gabriel was not any crazy man! He wanted to marry you because the first time he saw you his heart skipped a beat! He worked with you got to know you... liked you! Thought about his future with you! 

Okay he hit rock bottom! Not rich... No sheep no land! So you stop liking him! Okay then!!!
Still liking her independent woman vibe! But Gabriel WOWS those eyes! Girl he worked hard... He started over, when everything went badly! He did not roll up into a ball and drank his sorrows away... He went in search of work!!

Let’s talk about the neighbour! He was Mr. Rich... His own land! Everything! She posts him a valentine card! Girl, he is a middle age and not married what you accepted! He would definitely ask you to marry him if he thought you liked him!

Solider Boy! One he is not even good-looking! Sorry! But she did not even know his back story! Like really one little kisses and he grabbed your "lady area" and you drop all your rules! Miss Independent.??
He left the church and never even asked the girl.... "That he was so in love with" why she was late! No, little man left and had a melt down and the first lady he saw fell in love with!!!! 

Solider Boy got the girl that he was supposed to marry pregnant! And she died and the baby died! Like really! Then little man decided he needed to die... so he swans out to sea! He was pronounced dead! He did not die! But he left Miss Independent in deep debt. 

Mr. Rich... the neighbour paid it off!!! He so wanted her to be his wife!!! But what he did not know was Solider Boy was not dead! Don’t worry! When Solider Boy do arrive! And he arrived being more of a Jerk!!! Mr. Rich really killed him!!! LOL you tell me he could not shoot his leg! No he was "pissed"/angry so he killer him! Making his death official!!! But Miss Independent! Cried... Even though she knows he never loved her and only loved the dead girl (the one he was supposed to marry) and he told her she was nothing! Yet she dropped to her knees as his body lay dead on the floor! 

Gorgeous Gabriel! Decided to leave to go to America!! London to America.............
Finally a light bulb turned on in her head! She rode on a horse after him! Like it took her one death husband and a soon to be husband in jail to realise the one he was supposed to be with was their along! 

He wanted you before you were rich! He warned you about solider boy! Because before he went and saved her farm! He met the girl that died! And she told him that solider boy and she were getting married! 

I am all for being independent! I love it! But do not go falling for a man you do not know and clearly don't marry him because he can kiss and grabbed you in placed you never before! Go for the man that been there from the beginning when you was poor and had no future and he made a plan and asked you to marry him! He wanted her to be happy from the start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Honestly watch this movie to see who not to marry! Then in the end you would see who to marry!

I love!!!! But never change your values for man! Fall and marry the man that accepts you for you! The man that did not think before he grabbed her to save her from falling! He stayed... He protected her and been there for her from the very beginning...

Fall for the man that has no rules over you! 
The man that accepts you for you! 
Loves you for you...
And a man that believes in you!

Director- Thomas Vinterberg

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day 51

DAY 51


For the past few years this date has always surprised me with unexpected and expected surprises! 
Well the first time my friend told me exactly how he felt about me! That was very poetic and beautiful! Lord knows some boys are just too good to be true... But it's nice to know that they are some boy that can still write they feeling down in the most beautiful way possible,, then the next was passing my driving license test, while the exam part.. 

Then this year... Not quiet show what amazing happen... But I think was just known... I smiled the way I first met..................... I don't know maybe it was that or maybe this year was not surprising!

So how did this day treat you? Did someone made you smile! Well if you are reading this know that you are beautiful and god made you perfectly!
Always look for the good in everything and everyone! Sometimes if you dig a little deeper you well find the person that they really are.  

If you’re a friend like I am you always know when something is wrong with your friends!
Something’s when they do not want to talk just let them know you are there no matter what and always well be there for them!

I have loved the friendships I have made over the years! It thought me a lot about people! 
One of my closest friends made me realise that!
You do what best and what makes your friend happy especially when it comes to feelings!
Never just hate on the person they like if you like them... Help them!
My friend did that! He helps me find the person I liked even though he liked me!
But it was not that... but the fact that he placed my happiness first...
I really admired him for that!
That's why I always trust him and know he always wanted the best for me and would never do anything to hurt me! 

But friends like that are rare so save the good ones!

This post is dedicated to him! Thank you!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What is in store!???... Day50

What is in store!???... Day50


I am feeling like bleh!! It feels like nothing in life is going the way, I want it to! It really stinks! 
I have learnt that nothing is ever in our control, because God as a plan for us! But I really wish I knew that plan! 

I want to find my purpose in this life! :( Really want it to be a good one! But I really want to know what it is already. 

I am very happy for everyone that found their purpose! 

I just really want to see where I stand in this life! Where do I go next? What is in store?

Am I doing the right thing and am I in the right track...

The thought of not knowing really saddens me! I really wish... that I figure out my purpose in this life! Honestly....... I want that moment of yes I got it and know what I want to do, come soon! 

But I guess I have to wait and see!

Well whatever the plan is and wherever I end up! I well surely update you! So from this day... 27th of July I state that I will write what happens in my life on this blog! 

It is up to you to read and join..... But let’s go through the good and bad things that are in my future together at least!

My favourite part of blogging!

My favourite part of blogging!


It currently 2:52 am in Trinidad... Yup cannot sleep! I am kind of sleepy though... I have been drawing and watching a movie!

But the best thing about this blog is you all! I can be awake at anytime and they would always be someone awake because of our time difference! I see France! Ohh France one day I hope to see you!

I love that I can come on at anytime and they is someone that I can connect to! You...
It's you and your country! You are somewhere across the world, but we can still connect!

My favourite thing is connecting to you all! No matter where we are! This blog lets us be there for each other!

So what is the time in your country as you read this message?

See you later! My friend!!

Hello.. Trinidad... United Stated... Germany.... France...... who I saw viewed

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunset!!-Go outside an look at it!

Sunset!!-Go outside and look at it!

So let’s talk about the sunset!

Yes! That beautiful magical light show! Whatever the colour of your sunset is! It can be blue, pink, yellow or red etc!!  The beauty of colours that are shown! As the sun skates down to the other side, of the world!

Have you ever just sat outside or anywhere and just look at the sunset! You should! Please do and take a picture and tag me in it at twitter or something.... I would honestly love to see your sunset!

So let’s get back to what I was currently talking about above!

As the sunsets and the colours dance in different shapes and sizes! While the time go by the colour begins to fade! The beautiful colours becomes lighter and lighter........ The yellow blinds into the light blue. As the sky darkens and the blue gets darker!

It’s like a blanket being spread across the sky! The blue goes to navy blue and as the navy blue get darker and darker and forms the night sky! Little while after! Something more spectacular comes to play. The Stars that sparkles and shines so brightly and also the moon! The beautiful moon that watches over us as her lover the sun brightens up someone else world! She keeps us safe till he comes back in the morning to shine some light onto us!

So if you know me I would insert pictures! But I really want you all to go outside and tell me about your sunset! Tell me everything you saw! And hey Sweet dreams I love you......... Goodnight!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Once In A Blue Moon!

Once In A Blue Moon!


Sometimes In life we don’t see the beauty in someone else’s words and they gestures.  We sometime realize how someone feels about us when it too late but once every blue moon we realize before it’s too late!
The story is about two friends..... Let’s call them Will and Nora! A little history before we jump into the story. They have been friends for years and they have always had a special zing about them even though they never kissed or anything... But the power of they love was so bright that it never occurred to them till................
Till the day Nora was in her last days of darkest! She have been abused by so many people words and now she have completely agreed with them, that she was nothing but ugly!!!

Will always admired Nora’s beauty. It’s a beauty so strong that it cracked through the darkest of days and brightens up his day. That was indeed the unquestionable beauty of Nora. It was her captivating smile that lures Will in, Even the demons of his life was lured in and it held them captive, bounded by her unquestionable perfection......

Will was the type of man that told Nora, not to let the words.........“I’m not beautiful” to be spoken through her rosy red lips. He said to her, that God spent hours; even centuries making sure that every curve....every edge of her perfect beautiful body was made to perfection. He asked her not to pure God’s precious time to vain...

He was a good man and he was loved but many but he loved only one! Will always told Nora to acknowledge her beauty and remember that people like her are rare and only comes around once in a lifetime. He was really glad to have met someone like her in his life and that he can safely say that he has met one of God’s angels right here on earth.

After he said those love words.... He went on to say this!!!!

Will said, “If you would allow me. I would tell you close your beautiful brown eyes and I would inch my lips closer to yours. It’s whether you want the kiss or not.”

Nora has a slight smile on her face and lifts her left eyebrow, tilted her head and grab on to Will’s neck and kissed him. Will pulled away and looked her in the eyes.

Will said, “I want to marry you... I will marry you a million times again and again because whenever I see you and talk to you, I fall in love with you all over again.”

He held her close, tilted her head up... as she closed her eyes he gave her a sweet, slow kiss... He left her rosy red and kissed her on her rosy cheeks and as he her neck.

Nora whispered, “I have loved you since the first day I laid eyes on you and I will marry you a million times.... over and over.”

Well that’s it folks...... If you want to know more about Nora and Will just comment below! Also follow the blog! Thank you.

Friday, July 22, 2016

HELLOooooo!!! Friends!!!!

HELLOooooo!!! Friends!!!!

Hey! How are you today?? Hope you are doing great and all is well! So I wanted to tell you something!! It's maybe not a big deal or anything but it is really cool to me! LOL really it is amazing to see some many of you that come and view my blog!
So about a few days ago!!!! We hit 6000 plus pageviews!!!
That to me is so amazing!!!!! 
I want to say the countries I see always are:
Trinidad and Tobago-- Hopefully I see you all when I go out!!
United States

Soo thank you all for coming and taking part of your day to come to my site! Thank you!!!
Also before you leave and if you have enjoy the blog thus far and want to see what happens in the future!! Also that we become really good friends.... Please follow my blog and let’s get to know each other!!!--Let the adventure been!
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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Struggle!

The Struggle!


We grow up and all the decisions about life have to be made before we even think about entering adulthood! Career is such a struggle to me! Well because I have made so many changes in the last Year or two! I was fixed on becoming a doctor! If you read my old post you would know that already! Then I had a change of mind and heart!

I thought my future and how my future kids would be affected by this! I always wanted to work with kids! Not just because they are adorable and I love them so much! But because it the difference you can make in a kids life and impact it into the future and they remember it as they live! 

I do not know what I am going to do at all!!! Seriously and I have to start UWI in two months and career is so unsure at the moment! I always saw myself helping kids and babies! I would love to travel and maybe help out or even teach kids around the world! Something with kids! 

Like a good man once said Kids are the future! So why not help to better the surrounding of kids around the world! Educate them, boys and girls! Life is a journey and I hope I find my purpose soon! 
Please God Help Me!!

Last year I joined an Organisation that teaches unfortunate kids in my country for free, no expensive and it was amazing to teach kids... Even if the subject was new to them! Especially my subject! But I think I did a pretty good job seeing that my subject got the most marks and everyone passed! 
The parent’s faces to see they kids improve and they learned a lot... Also what they learn was the new topics they would do it the next school term... So they had they up hand when they went back to school! So they vacation.. Well half prepared them for school!!

Well this blog would be my book! Let’s see what the future has in store for me! 

If you read thus far and want to see what happens! Please follow the's free!!Thank you!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 42-49

Day 42-49


Day 42

What a day! Do you not agree.. 
So I plan to start each day drinking water before anything else. Then porridge for breakfast. 

Oh my I so addicted to Jane the Virgin. Last episode of season 2. On the site I watch on.. I need moreee!!!! :( plus they does take so long to upload new episodes :(

When I realised that............ it was the last episode :( 
Season 3 starts back on October 17
I cannot wait!!!!! 
So sad! Have to wait so long!

So I wrote a very mean post. Well trying to encourage kindNess.  
Do thing anyone would listen. 
Why would someone to listen to me...

Well I hope your day was amazing! 
And have and amazing day tomorrow! 
Remember be kind!!
Look at the sky? tell we what the cloud formed! 

Have a safe and productive day~~

But if you're new follow the blog to keep up to date :) and also email me any questions you have on hair or etc!!  Or comment below.

Or tweet me or just message me there.

Day 43
What to do when your head hurts so much that tablets do not work.

Well this one well be a short post. 

Well if you, lovely person don't mind me asking you a favour. Which is okay to not do. Leave me a comment below. Click on the title if you do not see the comment section.  
Say something nice. Your Country.. and what you want to know about me or what you want the next posts to be. 
I will also mention you in the post or Q&A...
You can even tweet me your questions.

Goodnight. .

Day 44-48
Well I have not done this post in a long while!
I have not been feeling very well.
lots of headaches, etc.

Not that great! But it has been a very long time! 
I finally was able to make the drop down menu!
So happy about that!

I been looking at old shows!
Pooh.. Boy Meets World..
So if you're a Girl meets world fan like I am.
You have heard and seen that Lucas picked Riley!
Why do I feel their is more to it that just that one relationship!

The long game! Life!
Their always that one person you want to be with but something gets in the way!
But maybe someday...somehow you just might end up together!

I think in the end we all end up with the person we are meant to be with!
But that does not mean to just sit there and wait for it to happen.
It is your world!
Go out there and see what is out there!


Day 49
So I am trying to upgrade..Update my blog!
It really hard! Doing it all by myself!
But I like it thus far!
What do you think!

So I am beautifying the blog
so maybe you might like it and come again!
Maybe you might follow it!
It is up to you of course..
But I think you should, so we can chat and lets see how big this family gets!

Really let’s make this a good place for good friends!
I really want to get to know you.
Yes you, who is reading this..

I am not kidding!
Ooh if you know how to make my comment section appear please help!
Lol It only appears when you click the post title!

So think about it!
Just click follow!
Let's have a conversation with everyone around the world!

I really still not joking! Let’s do it!!

Turn the Page!!!!!!!!

Turn the Page!!!!!!!!


Life is like a book... Some chapters are sad... Some are happy and some are exciting. The thing is if you never turn the page, you will never know what will happen or even reach a new chapter. How well you know what is in store for you.

Even though life may take us in turns that we never except it to, they is always a reason for it! It the places and people you meet that would make it a million times exciting!

You may never know, that might just be the day you find your significant other! The person, that makes you smile like a complete idiot. But you will never know if you don’t turn that page. Lift your head high and see what the adventure is about!

Promise me one thing, if you may. Follow your heart! My great friend once told me. “Fight for what you want!” Seems easy to tell someone! But it is amazing when the person truly believes in you!

So yes!

Go and walk through your amazing life and remember it is your life and it is up to you to make it more amazing! Be a good friend to others, especially the old ones that have been there for you when no one else cared enough to be there for you!

Have all your late night conversations....... the funny ones you will remember... remembering it and laughing at it in the future! It’s the moments that builds up and amazing friendship. You know... All you need is a friend and to be a friend that wants you to be happy at everything you do in life!

Life may not be a fairytale but always remember the moments that make you feel as though you are in a fairytale! Honestly!!! Those are the moments you will never forget! Time may pass and years may go by, but those moments would feel as though it happened seconds ago!

Do not be scared of what is next! We are all scared now and then.... but do not let the fear of not knowing what happens next stop you from moving forward.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

So Tired! I hate this!!!! Give me and answer!!!!!!!!

So Tired! I hate this!!!! Give me and answer!!!!!!!!


Well hopefully that title drew your attention! Why did it? Did you care about my feelings or wanted to know what was wrong with me? OR Liked the fact that I may actually be hurting and wanted to just know why, and you did not actually care?

oooooh that was deep! Hey friends!
I am writing this because I do not know why people in the world think it okay to bully one other! Why do they do it! Why do we gossip about someone else's problems? Why won’t we just go up to the person and help them in their time of need! 

Kindness! It's not that hard! But why do hating seems easier! Is it because your friends tell you that you cannot be friends with the other person! Why are you not following your heart! Go be friends with the person who does have a friend! 

Give a genuine compliment to someone! Be nice! Honestly, you do not know where that person is in life and you may not know if your bad comments towards them might be the reason why they give up! 
Do you really want that guilt or do you just do not care!??????? 

Your kind words may turn around a person's day and they might see hope again. 
I dare you! 
I really did just dare you! Yes you! 
Tell someone something nice today! Tell them you're happy to see them or that they are beautiful!
Just be kind to someone! 
Be the reason someone smiled today!

Why do people put others done! Why lower yourself to make someone hurt a life time for your two seconds of glory! It makes no sense!!! 
Why not say hi, how are you? 
And if you are asked that question. How are you? Do not just say fine! Because we all know if someone says that they are fine! They are never just fine! Be the friend that realizes that your friend is not fine and you need to help them!

To me, I guess people tell you they are fine! Just to see if you care enough to realize they are not fine and to sit down and really listen to the problems! Next time your friend says they are fine! Say okay Cool, that's good for now but I am here for you when you want to talk! Then say really know how are you?

I know as human some of us just like to keep all our feelings inside and they is only one person we like to talk to.... I understand... My venting person is my favourite person well because I know them for a long time and they have never did anything for me to stop trusting they friendship!! So be the good friend and find good friends!

Why make a person feel horrible! 
Can you really give me answer of what you get out of making someone feel like that???

I really hope and I know if you read thus far you are a good, genuine person! Hope one day we can have a conversation! 
I love you and enjoy your day!!!

So if you want to comment and cannot see the comment section. Just click on the post's title!

Monday, July 18, 2016

How do you know? Just Read and You shall see!

How do you know? Just Read and You shall see!


To be honest, I am not quite sure. It depends on how you view love and life... To me it when the person gets you in a way that no one else can. No explanations needed. They just understand.
When there is a bond so strong that you know the right moments to call/text.The person makes you smile again on your darkest of days.

The person, NO matter what you're doing or speaking to, gets into your head. Which of course makes you smile? It's the hugs that you never want to be released from and when you try their arms are still wrapped around you and you are holding they hands and looking into their eyes as though you knew them before you ever met.

The person, that even though you are in the same room and it is completely quiet, you are happy because they are there! And when you glimpse over to them sitting on the corner. You think to yourself..... WOW I can really wake up next to him/her forever. The moment when you realize it not just a relationship you want with them. It is forever!
The person, you think of when you are scared and the one you run to when something is wrong! The person who dose everything and anything to make you smile again!............ So are you really reading this! Liking what you read thus far? Well follow the blog and keep on reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one that reminds you of your beauty. When you're feeling off and low! Tells you.... no matter how you feel or look. You are beautiful to them. It is the intense feeling, when they look at you like they are seeing you for the very first time. The way they stand by and up for you.

It is how they smile when they are around you. It is how your nerves and beauty kicks in to first gear as they come closer to you! The one you place next to your name, when you are writing it on the sand and draw the weirdest but most perfect heart around it!

Honestly! It's the person you thought of as you read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I am about to talk about this beautiful movie!! So watch it before you read this, so that I do not spoil it for you!!

The beginning shows how his life was before. Will Trainer gorgeous, Girl! He is NICE!!! He is your amazing rich, well spoken and dressed man that every woman loved and wanted.

Lou was the breadwinner off her household that needed a job.

It is understandable, his first actions and behaviour for when they first met and the way he treated her. She was like the sixth person to come "take-care" of him. Everyone else left so why should he be nice when he thinks that she is going to leave soon.

But his judgement was wrong! Clearly!!!!

Lets first talk about her relationship with her boyfriend! Really seven years and he completely do not get her! He totally only care about what he wants and likes! 
Like really seven years and you don't know why the black and yellow striped leggings means so much to her! Like come on really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I loved that we the audience got to realize how much they was falling in love with each before they even knew it themselves! SO CUTE!!!!!! 
It's so amazing, when you realize how much she liked him and the way he looks at her! 

The red dress really made him feel like a man again~! Lol

Let’s chat about his ex! 
Like oh my goodness! I really do not care how much he pushed you away, she should have told him straight up I love you and nothing would ever change the way I feel about you! 
Like serious his best friend!
Like I understand when Will stood next to him no women would ever look at him but really! If she didn't fall in love for you first why be seconds!
But it is your life!
And of all men on earth his best friend! Like really! 
He was there for you! No honey, he was jealous of his best friend and always wanted you! And well Will couldn't move to fight for you so it was easy to win you!

Is how they invite him to the wedding! 
Like you could of married Will, His mouth could have said I DO! Just saying!
But Will had a good time! 
And if she thought she could not have her first married dance with him, if she married him!
Well I saw that he spun Lou around it was romantic! 
Plus her Godmother knew that Will was the better catch!

Let’s talk about his mom! 
Her only child! 
Her baby!
If you're a mother, he decision would have broken your heart even though he was in pain!
She tried but she realized she made the right choice about Lou, hiring her was the best decision. It made him happy!

Lou, she fell deep! Deep in love! She poured her heart out and loved him like no one can ever! Do not think she can love anyone as much as she loved Will! It was not about his money! It's the way he listened! He never sat there and just heard her voice. He completely got to know her for who she truly was!

Man! If they is a man out there in the world that listens, that really listens. I applauded you!

You can tell that Will was beyond happy on the last trip! He really understood the meaning of love!
He wanted to run up and grab her, inched his lips closer towards hers but the truth was he could never give her that! He never wanted her to hate the decision of fall for him! 
He wanted her to be free! He wanted to be free but with the love he had for her!

It was hard! Knowing she could not changed his mind but he had a plan!

Let’s jump!
To the ending! Their last moments! When she walked in, he knew it was her!
Anyone could have walked in and bounced those things down! But he knew it was her! 
He wanted her close....closer! He described her face as though he had seen it! He made her smile and he sang to her!

When a writer has you so engrossed in the words. You don't even need to announce his passing! 
The leaf! The movements of the leaf as it blew through the wind and landed! You know in your heart he had passed!

Which was heart breaking but in a peaceful way!

He left her with instructions in a form of a letter and money!
For a new life!
He said he will always walk next to her!!!!

I honestly love this movie. The story line was impeccable!
HIS LOVE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE, even though his physical body was not!

Think about it. Whenever your significant other passes you want your love to be everlasting even though they are not physically there!

BEST MOVIE OF 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DIRECTOR-Thea Sharrock

Sunday, July 17, 2016




The fairy-tale minute,
The second, I saw you.
The way my heart ran towards you.

Life's full of dreams,
That sometimes turns into moments.
The moments that teaches us lessons,
Or the ones that takes us on a never ending journey.

Written as a secret,
Hidden inside of a blue book, that was covered silver stars.
Not a single pen mark seen,
But the scent of your perfume.
The awkward moments that made my heart explored.

Highlighted by sun rays.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Long Over due!

Long Overdue!


To me, only two persons have ever read my blog because they are the only persons that comment. 
And well one in particular most of the time so I know they face and feel really happy when I see them comment. 

So honestly I do not know how many people do read or even enjoy coming to visit the blog! 
It’s easy to ask you to follow and comment on my blog but I hope if you ever choose to you wanted to. 

I was thinking about the world around us! The lands that are surrounded by oceans etc. We all live on the planet Earth yet we do not treat our neighbours nicely.

Some people go out of the way, just to hurt someone else's feelings. They run away the WEB looking for someone to be mean to and leave hurtful words. They may never stop and think how it may affect the person mood or life. 

Never judge or tell someone hurtful words when you may not even not the person, Not say if you do know then you can, NO! Before you comment think about if was you going to read the comment and how you would feel. 

Whenever you comment say nice words and if you do not have anything nice to say just leave and go do something that brings joy to your life. 

To make the world a better place it always starts with you! You have to do something small and beautiful. 

Being kind to someone can change the entire mood and they would always remember you for your kindness.

Honestly I do not know if anyone would read this! But if you do! You are beautiful and your smile always brightens someone day!

Be Kind! Always comment words of kindness!

Friday, July 15, 2016




This news broke my heart. I'm deeply and utterly sadden by this news! I follow OKBaby on YouTube. His sister was in the attack and thankfully she and her friend are alive and well. Amen.

I know thus far 84pageviews from France. So all my heart warming prays in hopes that you are all safe and unharmed. 

I am so sorry for the 84 persons that has past due to the horrible attack. My deepest condolences to the family of those people.

My lovely France people please come together in prayer and love each and also stay safe. 

Once more I am so sorry for your lost and my prayers are with you all.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 37-41

Day 37-41


Day 37

It rained so much in Trinidad. So it was cold and made me so sleepy.
So was looking at one of my favourite Youtubers and they said that Germany was amazing and the people was more!! So I know some people from Germany views the blog and would like to tell you that you are amazing and one day I hope to visit.

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Day 38
Today was very cold and rainy. Certain parts of Trinidad flooded. 
But the most tragic news was about France,Nice! 

I also am certainly on season two of Jane the Virgin. 
Finally my keyboard started back to work. Yes I can finally type my post!

Please Everyone before you lay your head to sleep please pray for France!

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Day 39

I got up with the mood of cleaning! 
Which had a little role! Clean a little then watch a little television!
But when I started to clean all around. It seemed never ending! 
But lucky I am finished! Tired!

Hope you all have an amazing night! 

Pray for the world before you close you eyes to sleep!

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Day 40

WOW day 40. 
We have come a very long way you and I. Hopefully you being here a while and did not feel bored!
Well hopefully! So how have life been treating you? How have you been since we last spoke!
Are you following your dreams? 

Okay easy question, where are you from and what is the most beautiful city or place? How is the weather? 
I live in Trinidad so when it comes to seasons we only have two! Seriously just two! Rainy/wet season and dry season! I am serious! lol 

But like seasons and the world itself it's kinda sometimes buckets of rain or sometimes hot rays of sun! 
Like the Caribbean is Sunny. You do not understand sunshine or tanning till you live in the Caribbean. Seriously I am like three shades lol. My arms are not the same colour as my legs. Okay it's not that bad, it's just a little sun! 

The worst is foundation (MAKEUP)! I can never get my shade because I change colour,clearly! Lol If am in the sun to much I get a little darker and if I stay indoor I get back little of my colour! 

So when comes to picking my shade, I am lost and the next time it not the shade from before!
But Trinidad is amazing! The beaches, the places, the scenery, the everything! 
Let me not forget Beautiful Tobago! I have been there Twice! Its gorgeous! While that is our main tourist attraction so it is definitely amazing!

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Day 41

So close to the end of Jane the Virgin Season 2.  
This show is so intensely amazing.  So many families joining lol. 
So I post two new post today go check it out!. So I do not know but if you cannot see the comment section just click on the title of the post.

So how is life. How is your country? 
I saw like seven different countries visited today. So I hopefully you all had a great day.

So what makes your country beautiful. 
Is it the architecture..the food..the festivals..
What makes your home place amazing.
How happy are you to see the beautiful 
Sunsets and atmosphere. The love of the people. 
The family unit that grows are time goes by.

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